A Special Message From DASS

The DASS executive board and our members nationwide are devastated to hear of the catastrophic flooding in Texas due to the continued fury of Hurricane Harvey.

Our schools, students, and all residents of the region are in our prayers. Carmen shared her thoughts regarding the Dominican Sisters who led so many to safety in their early days on Galveston Island during the horrific storm of 1900. They taught all of us the power of a community united in prayer!
The association encourages anyone with means, no matter how small, to bear in mind those in need and to help in any way you can. Below are messages from some of our Houston friends.

From Carmen:
Harvey continues to deluge us with rain with no respite in sight. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. None of us truly know, right now, what our community will need. We know that we have displaced student families, faculty and staff. We will certainly let you know when we know. Houston’s recovery will not be quick, but the resiliency and spirit of community being witnessed is incredible. We will stay in touch with you and our precious Dominican community as we continue to literally put “one foot in front of the other!”

From Diane:
Andrea, Thank you and all from DASS. It is truly a disaster of unbelievable proportions and our communities struggle with all of Houston. We truly appreciate any prayers for our families and schools. We are currently assessing and it will be ongoing. Other areas of Houston are being impacted and we learn more each day. This city has truly shown its strength and its caring heart for others. Neighbors are helping neighbors. It will be a long and continuing effort to get through this and then to recover.

From Sr. Jane:
Thanks, Andrea, for your concern and support. This is unreal. Many of our families have been displaced because of high water in their homes. All schools are closed the rest of this week. They have started mandatory evacuations and we are trying to help our people get to a safe place. Please keep us in your prayers. Houstonians are a tough bunch and we will get through this with people helping people. Just continue to prayer for us. Thanks for checking in. All prayers are welcome and we will let you know if other efforts are needed.

In a gesture of deep solidarity, we invite all our DASS school communities to join in prayer for the people of Texas and particularly for our family schools in Houston.

Andrea Wirgau
Executive Director

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