May Message from the Director

End of School Year and Changes

Welcome to that wonderful and crazy time of the year! Celebrations abound with student success in academics, fine arts, and sports. Recognition ceremonies honor staff, students and volunteers. This is the time of year when school leaders are riding the rapids of graduations and registrations, retirements and recruiting new staff, closing some doors and opening others. It is wonderful and crazy and also reflects the strength of the faith community—the life blood of the school!

Thank you for providing dynamic leaderships in our Dominican Schools!

With the end of each school year there are changes in staff and this is also true for the DASS team. Sheila Wathen has strengthened the technology base of DASS and has enhanced communication within the organization!  She’s been a wonderful assistant to both Sr. Pat Brady and me through our respective times of leading DASS. She is taking on a full time position with the Adrian Dominicans and unable to continue with DASS. Thank you Sheila! We wish you well!

In addition, Sr. Donna Pollard will be leaving the executive committee to assume leadership of the Houston Dominican Congregation. Donna has been a strong and supportive member of DASS throughout her tenure as Head of School at St. Pius X in Houston, TX. Our prayers go with you!

Have a blessed summer! In the midst of all the planning for next year, do take time for some rest and relaxation.

God Bless,

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