February Message from the Director

Budgeting, Priorities and Membership

Happy Second Semester! This semester often focuses as much on next year as it does current activities and plans. In education, it is the time of year to look ahead and plan for the future of our students and the good of the school.

Planning for staffing and programs is keenly tied to the budgeting process. Budgets reflect priorities of the schools and values held. As you develop your financial plan for 2016-17, remember to include your membership in DASS. Membership is a priority for many of our schools who value networking with other Dominican Educational Leaders and the access to programs and resources provided by DASS.

As part of future planning, the Executive Board of DASS has studied the financial needs of DASS for the near future and beyond, and has considered the economic challenges faced by schools. The membership fee for DASS has not changed since our inception, but we have always worked with member schools to place a priority on their participation rather than on an all-or-nothing membership fee.

Currently as DASS looks at needs, we are comfortable with the same membership fee of $5,000 for schools. For those we have worked with in the past to keep membership active we are offering the addition of a sliding scale based on enrollment which you can view on the link below.

DASS is at a point of growth and change. As we continue to evolve, there may come a time to make changes to the entire fee schedule, but we want to assure you we would always consider your needs and the services we offer.



Kathleen Ann Tait


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