August Update from DASS

May your new school year be filled with enthusiasm and the true community Dominic envisions for all of us!

TaitA Message from the Director

You may be in the mix of your first week of school or still preparing for it within the next couple of weeks. Either way, may your 2015-16 school year be filled with enthusiasm and the true community Dominic envisioned for all of us!

Beginning days are busy with orientation meetings for faculty, students, and parents. Beginning days are also times to set new goals and contexts for the year. As Dominican Schools, we look at ways that we can more deeply embrace the charism that is our heritage.

  • How will we live out Dominic’s mission this year?
  • How will teachers in all fields of study emulate the pursuit of truth?
  • How will the prayer and faith life of all members of the community be fostered?
  • How will classes explore the depth of humanity and the contributing factors of unity and division within communities?
  • How will prayer, study, community and service be integrated into the daily life of all who are associated with our schools?

As we all reflect on these questions, may we more fully embrace the heritage we share as Dominican Schools!
We welcome Robert Gomprecht as the new President of Albertus Magnus HS in Bardonia, New York. He comes to Albertus Magnus from Fordham Prep in the Bronx. Welcome to DASS, Robert!

This newsletter includes a special media request from all schools and gives complete information about the upcoming DASS Annual Meeting. I look forward to seeing you there!

Blessings on your school year,


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